Golden chance
The fastest, cheapest and guaranteed way to get European Schengen permanent residency for all life

Schengen residency indefinite for all life for applicant and his family

Immediately permanent residency for all family.
Possible to apply for ultimate European Union citizenship and passport.
Country: Malta - Schengen, next to Italy.
All rights to stay, live, work, make business in europe.
In all Schengen countries


Family residency package

Malta Government Residency Bond Program
Procedure time: 3 months, for all family same
Not required stay in for obtaining and holding the status
Choose any schengen country
Malta Government Residency Bond Program
This is not a short term residence permit!
No need to prolong or renew the status - this is guaranteed solution!
The cost of the procedure is only
for the whole family

At the end of the 5 year period:

  • keep the indefinite permanent residency;
  • able to apply for citizenship and passport (Dual citizenship is allowed! No need to renounce your present citizenship)

For applicant alone and applicant with his family same (applicant+spouse+all children under 18).

Possible for children above 18 and parents, based on conditions, please ask for having review appointment with detailed information.

References about Malta Residency Program

ISMAIL, 47 years old
ISMAIL, 47 years old

All procedure was done in 3 and half months. The most reliable and professional agency. My family is happy and free to travel anytime.

RASHID and his wife, 51 years old
RASHID and his wife, 51 years old

The best choice ever! Next year my daughter starts her studies in Europe! We are proud of giving this opportunity and future to our kids.

MOHAMMAD, 43 years old
MOHAMMAD, 43 years old

My friend told me about it... I checked all before start. I did it. On my first long 2 months trip to Europe I made a deal like European, and made a great profit.

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The overall assessment and comparative benchmark of the country and its investment program.
Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea
2014 estimate - 445,426
Official languages
Maltese, Maltese Sign Language, English
Unitary parliamentary republic
Total area
316 km2
Roman Catholic Church
Welcome to Malta
Malta Government Residency Bond Program

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